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Life in Macau
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Macau is a modern city marked by many centuries of portuguese presence, which keeps all the characteristics of a chinese city.

If Macau is the city of gambling, it is not "the hell", in contrary the development of tourism makes of Macau a city to spend your spare time and where it is easy to enjoy yourself.

You find commercial centers, gardens, swimming pools, restaurants, museums, temples etc...

You arrive in Hong Kong where Béatrix Hoang takes care of you. After you will travel by Jet Foil to Macau. Upon arrival you get taken to your personnal hotel room, thereafter you see the show and the dancers, your life in Macau starts.

Your room at the Sintra Hotel

room.jpg (11597 octets)

The Lisboa where you find the Mona Lisa Theatre

lisboa.jpg (19070 octets)   lisboa2.jpg (24415 octets)

Spare time at the beach

koloane1.jpg (51590 octets)

Macau modern city

  macau2.jpg (32883 octets) macau3.jpg (24992 octets)

Macau "portuguese"

macau1.jpg (40068 octets) sanpaolo.jpg (40778 octets)

Macau actual chinese city

macau0a-ma.jpg (13706 octets) macau1a-ma.jpg (19261 octets)

macau2a-ma.jpg (31284 octets) macau3kumiamtong.jpg (15928 octets)

macau4people.jpg (28749 octets) macau5people.jpg (28228 octets)

macau6people.jpg (35341 octets)macaucjeu.jpg (33772 octets)

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macau9jonque.jpg (15100 octets)

macauaDragon.jpg (21991 octets)macaubkgfh.jpg (20619 octets)


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